Writers Making Use of Book Trailers

Writers making use of book trailers is a necessity for writers everywhere. Today’s guest post is by William Yatscoff, marketing manager of Bookkaholic Magazine. He will give us the low down on writers making use of book trailers.

Writers Making Use of Book Trailers

With many people hoping to make it as authors, the publishing world has become even more competitive with time. This has been further heightened by the emergence of indie publishing. Many writers, especially first time authors, are not relying on the publishing powerhouses to snap up their books and make them famous. Instead, they are taking matters in their own hands and publishing the books themselves. Readers are therefore spoiled for choice every which way they look. Bearing this in mind, book marketing has been pushed up a notch higher and this has even led to the introduction of book trailers. This is why the numbers writers making use of book trailers will get bigger this year.

A book trailer is a video advertisement for a book. It is a lot like a movie trailer but it incorporates more diversification than a movie trailer.


With A Book Trailer You Can:

  • Incorporate still images with background music
  • Use actors to act out scenes from your book
  • Using animations or flash videos

Whichever method you decide to go with will depend on your financial status and preference. As long as the trailer is executed well, it should go a long way in promoting your book and expanding your readership.

Writers Making Use of Book Trailers


Most bestselling authors prefer to hire professionals to make their book trailers for them. This reduces their workload and ensures that they get high quality services for their money’s worth. However, this option has the disadvantage of being quite expensive. This expense might end up cutting into your book profits and this might be an unwelcome expense, especially if you are just starting out in the publishing world. The good news is that you do not have to hire somebody to do the book trailer for you. You can do it inexpensively for yourself and still produce a high quality book trailer.


You can easily make a trailer for your book by using some inexpensive tools around the house.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Use a  functional computer with high-speed internet
  • Use movie making software when making your book trailer from home.
  • Windows comes with Moviemaker, which is free.
  • Mac comes with Imovie.

These are free, making your book trailer making venture that much cheaper.

How you proceed in making your book trailer will depend on the vision you have for it. If you want to use still images, you will need to get the photos that you will be using for the trailer. You could use a few photos of your book, especially the front cover. If you need to use more photos, it is advisable that you download royalty free photos. Many websites offer this so all you need to do is use your search engine to find this. If you use copyrighted photos on your book trailer, you might end up facing copyright infringement charges. That is not the kind of negative publicity and embarrassment that you want to associate your book with. Once you have found suitable photos you can then incorporate them into the storyline of your trailer and proceed from there. The fact that you are using a software application makes your work much easier.

If you still find that it is too much work to use an application, there is always the option of using an online movie-making site to make your book trailer. A good site lets you make short movies of around 30 seconds free. If you want to make longer clips then you want to consider paying the registration fee that allows you to do that.

It is important that you only release a high quality book trailer. It should not be more than 3 minutes so as not to bore your viewer. You should also make sure that it is something you personally enjoy watching before you market it. It will give many people the first impression of your book and you want to ensure that the impression is an excellent one. Also, make sure that you make a conscious effort of marketing the trailer, especially on your website and other video-sharing sites.

Writers Making Use of Book Trailers

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