Self-Publishing a Book is the Easy Part

Self-publishing a book is the easy part and any writer can do it; the hard part is building an audience which requires time and patience.

Today’s guest post comes from paranormal romance author R. Lynn Archie. You are not only the writer self-publishing a book, but the advertiser as you have to let readers know that your work even exists. But don’t let that scare you because there is an abundance of useful resources that can be found on the internet, among authors groups, or book publishing community boards like Amazon.

Self-Publishing a Book is the Easy Part


You always want to put out the best quality of work because typos and errors are not our best friend. And being that I’m new to self-publishing a book, my budget is low for services like editing and proof reading, tasks which can be quite pricey. However, there are other cost effective alternatives while still getting what you need. Some might say they seriously can’t go that route at the moment, and would rather do it themselves. If so, I suggest investing in a grammar checker (one other than Word).

Self-Publishing a Book is the Easy Part

I still prefer to have someone go behind me to proof and edit my book, and what have worked out well for me is using contractors on Elance. With Elance if you are a company or individual in need of outsourced work, you can place your request for free. It’s much like placing a help-wanted ad for a freelancer in the newspaper. People apply for the job, sending you their information. They remit a proposal of their required payment. You choose the most qualified person and the price that best fits into your budget and enter into an agreement with the freelancer. There are many book editors listed that are familiar with self-publishing a book and have great experience. I’ve found the site to be quite affordable, and I’ve gotten good quality work returned.

Another thing I will say is, it probably would not be your first thought, because it wasn’t mine either when I first published my book, but it is okay to give your book away to promote your work. You have to remember that you’re new, and readers know nothing about you or your writing. “Free is your best friend,” said founder of Wildfire Marketing (and DBW Expert Blogger) Rob Eagar. “Giving away part of your content or sometimes the whole book for free” is one of the best ways to generate book sales.


I recently did a free promotion on my eBook Eternal Existence, and I’m still awaiting the results. Maybe sales will not come flooding in this go-around, but I do know that I achieved a lot of downloads, so readers are getting to know my style of writing. I can only assume that half of the readers will follow my series or want to read another story of mine. I should also mention that it takes a while to get reviews, I don’t know why, but it does—this is where having patience comes in handy.

Lastly, as your book fans grow you need to maintain a relationship with them; people like being a part of the writer’s life, of the writing and publishing process, and some good ways to do this would be through Twitter, Facebook, blogging or other social media. If I had to give out advice to someone starting out today I would say do not get discouraged; I always try to remember this quote, “Anything worth having is worth waiting for.”

Self-Publishing a Book is the Easy Part

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