No, it isn’t what you think.. LOL I am referring to the title of his book
Get Off Your “But” and that Sean doesn’t want my “but”, (my excuses) for not living life fully. And he wants this for everyone in the world.

I read his great motivational and inspirational book in exactly 40 minutes. Get Off Your “But” stresses the importance of loving yourself unconditionally, loving people, getting past insecurities, and never limiting yourself. I especially love pages 167-169 where he talks about friendship and having the right “Pit Crew.” That’s all I am going to tell you because you will have to buy his book to read further about what I’m talking about.

Sean Stephenson was a guest speaker at my friend Joe Polish’s event. Sean and Joe had my abs hurting from laughing so much. I’m looking at Sean’s business card right now, the word “STANDING” is in bold blue letters. He should add underneath, “Stand up comedy tour coming soon to a city near you!” Anyone that has met him will agree with me on this. Check out this interview with him about his book.

After reading the book I came up with a list of things to work on daily, to keep my “But” from getting big and hard to eliminate. Maybe now I can be part of your Seantourage??? What do you say, Sean? This is a joke we started at the convention. You told me it would be hard, but I want a certificate saying, “Dee is part of the Seantourage.”

No “But” Zone Thoughts
Understand Yourself FIRST
You have a right to be happy in life, love, and business (in that order)
When you better other people you will see yourself better.
Positively get rid of negativity in your life.
Overly judgmental people mentally overly judge themselves.
Others can makes you feel good, but can’t make you be good until you work on yourself. (This is a hard one sometimes)