Science Fiction Future

I’m happy to have science fiction thriller writer Michelle Muckley guest post today. Her new book is Identity X.

Science Fiction Future

It was over twenty years ago that I sat down to watch The Terminator.  Besides the obvious lapse in parental responsibility (I was ten at the time) I was amazed at the concept of a robotic ‘man’ from the future.  The fact it could move and walk like a real man, and had hands formed from a metal skeleton was a notion way beyond my childish brain.  But whilst this film may have been the initial spark, there have been many other books and films that have helped form a love for the world of science fiction since… Alien.  Star Wars.  The Matrix.  If it’s Sci-Fi, I’ll love it.

So what is it that I like so much? 

Sci-Fi to me is like a view to a possible future.  Sometimes that view is just around the corner, sometimes thousands of light years ahead.  I know I have read a good science fiction book or saw a good film when I am left asking just one question.  Is this actually possible?

Let’s take The Matrix.  Humans as batteries being controlled by machines who have taken over the world?  Now that would indeed be one giant leap for mankind.  But what about Alien?  Is it so unfeasible that a group of astronauts could come across alien life?  Is it impossible that it could go horribly wrong?

Science fiction is exciting because you never know when an element of that creation might become something more than an idea and stretch itself into the world of science fact.   Robotic arms being controlled by the human mind seemed impossible twenty years ago.  But now that very concept is a reality.  At the University of Pittsburgh scientists have developed a robotic arm that can be controlled by nothing more than the power of the mind.  After implanting ninety six microelectrodes in the motor cortex of the brain, thirteen weeks later the recipient of this arm could perform complex tasks with a seven dimensional capacity for movement.

Science Fiction Future


In Minority Report cars drive themselves.  This too is happening right now in the USA, and with over 300,000 hours of autonomous driving logged you might wonder if there have been any accidents.  Yes, two.  But only when they were being driven manually.

So when I chose to write about a cure for genetic disease, I knew I was writing about something that could one day become a reality.  One day, just like in Identity X there might be an injection that can root out genetic disease and cure it, and in the process eradicate inherited disease.  There is a constant wave of scientific and medical developments that is helping turn fiction into reality all the time.  There are already robots that can navigate obstacle courses.  There are artificial leaves that produce hydrogen which can be used in fuel cells. But what next?  It seems that our current capabilities and discoveries may only be the tip of the iceberg.  When it comes to science fiction crossing over into science fact, it seems the only thing preventing us in the future might be our own desires.

Science Fiction Future

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