Market Your Book Without Spending a Cent. This article comes from Kathryn Elizabeth Jones. She’s  the owner and editor-in-chief at Idea Creations Press, a publishing services company offering writing, publishing and marketing services to writers and non-writers alike. She is also the author of five books, including Marketing Your Book on a Budget, a short, insightful read focusing on getting the word out.

Market Your Book Without Spending a Cent

I don’t know about you, but the idea of marketing used to frighten me. I imagined thousands of dollars slipping from my bank (thousands, by the way, that I really didn’t have) and in the end, selling about two books for my effort.

What I’ve discovered some 10 years later, is that marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Heck, it doesn’t even have to cost a dime if a dime is the last thing you have in your pocket. Marketing is all about sharing you and your work. It’s about helping others to sell their work. And it’s about exchange.


Great Tips To Market Your Book Without Spending a Cent

Guest Blog

When you write a guest blog for another site (such as this one) you are not only sharing your knowledge of writing but you are helping others to better their work and reaching out to a blog owner eager to gain new readers.

Interviews and Blog Tours

When you fill out a questionnaire for a site doing author interviews, do a blog tour, or a blog radio interview, you’re getting the word out without spending a cent.

Book Signings, Teaching, Classes, Speaking Engagements

Market Your Book Without Spending a Cent

Not everything marketing oriented has to be online, of course. When you do a book signing, you stand up to meet and greet readers instead of sitting silently behind the table. You teach free classes in your community and offer your books for sale at the end of the event. You speak at libraries, schools and hair salons. You connect your book with a theme, and then you carry that theme forward in whatever you do, both online and off.

For example, when my book, Marketing Your Book on a Budget 2013, came out, I made sure that those in my online writing groups knew about it. I gathered up my courage and offered to speak (for free) at writer’s conferences and classes in my area. No, I didn’t do a typical book signing, but I could have offered a signing and invited all of my writer friends.

The key here is to know your audience, and focus your marketing in that arena. 


Free books, Contests, Book Reviews

Market Your Book Without Spending a Cent

Marketing free online can come in the form of offering your eBook free for 1-5 days with Amazon. This costs you nothing. Free marketing can also come when you speak up about your book at the grocery store, bank, or wherever you happen to be. It can come when you offer your eBook in an online contest, or carry it with you in the trunk of your car. It can mean getting book reviews from blog owners who will gladly post the review on their site as well as offer to place it on Amazon and Goodreads. It may even be about writing a review for someone else in exchange for them writing one for you.

It’s been said that publishing one book may not make you a millionaire, but the more you write, the finer that line of success becomes.

I’d like to think that success is what you make of it anyway. Just as you may have little or no money to spend on a marketing campaign, try not to focus on money as the end result for what you have written.

If you want fame and glory, fine.

But if you’re searching to help someone, to lift or just to create some fun for your reader, if you want to connect with others online and off, and give them a little piece of you as they share their own lives, then you’re already a success.

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