Huffington Post Self-Publishing Book News.

Huffington Post Self-Publishing News

Check this out: Huffington Post Self-Publishing Book News. I saw this on the Huffington Post today. Click here to read Are Self-Publishing Authors Killing the Publishing Industry?

I’m a self-published writer and ohh…I do NOT agree with most of this article. Read it and tell me your opinion. So many authors are self-publishing books, in fact more than 100,000 books were self- published last year!  There are some successful self-published writers. Click here to see a list: Top Self-Published Writers

I think the article brought out good points about many self- published books being poor quality and lacking good editing. (All of my writer friends know that I think professional editing is a must.) I’ve read many self-published books and I have to agree with this. But, I also have read some self-published books that are outstanding, edited well, and could be put in any Barnes and Noble book store today.

Listen up, all new authors thinking of self-publishing, it’s not for babies! If you’re going to self-publish your book do tons of research. I don’t think writers should self-publish unless they how to market their books. And unfortunately most writers don’t.

Leave your comments,I can’t wait to hear your opinions.