Flashlight Commentary and Crimson Flower Book Reviews

I’m so excited to share Flashlight Commentary and Crimson Flower book reviews! This is my first online review by a book review blogger.  Click on either one of the following links to read my review. Thanks to Erin from Flashlight Commentary Literary Reviews and Crimson Flower Reviews for the great review!

Flashlight Commentary and Crimson Flower Book Reviews

The Man With the Green Suitcase

I’m on a waiting list for several other book reviewers to post about The Man With the Green Suitcase. For anyone reading that doesn’t know, reviews posted on book reviewer blogs are extremely important for writers. Bloggers have loyal followers that value their opinions. Reviewers also post on Amazon and Good Reads and even more potential readers take notice. Bloggers reviews carry more weight than regular reader reviews. Their reviews have serious authority. And for writers this means an increase in book sales if the review is good. Reviewers agree to give honest reviews of the books they read. And most writers nervously wait to see if their book is a hit or miss.

Bloggers put in a lot of time and hard work to review books. And most of them do this for free. Yes, that’s right, FREE. They don’t get paid to review my book or the books of other writers. The more well known reviewers with high traffic blogs get hundreds of requests a month and they can’t possibly review all those books. They’re avid readers and enjoy books immensely. They have regular jobs and families to take care of; reviewing books is something they do as a hobby. I appreciate book reviewers very much. Thank you!

Some other reviewers do free reviews and also take payments for Twitter blasts, editing, and other marketing services. I’ve seen a few reviewers that take payments for reviewing books and this is something I would never pay for.

Top Tips For Writers on Getting Books Reviewed

  1. Join groups on Good Reads. Many book bloggers have profiles on there and you can contact them to see if they will review your book. Book Haven and the Indie Book Club are two of the many groups I belong to on Good Reads.
  2. Book Blogs Ning is another good place to find reviewers
  3. Here’s a list of top ranked book blogs. This list is compiled by the number of incoming links, number of unique visitors each month, Google page rank, etc.
  4. Be polite. Don’t argue privately (and especially publicly online), with a reviewer if they give you a bad review.
  5. Follow the yellow brick road. Follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road! Just like in the Wizard of Oz, you have to follow the path to get where you want to be. Follow, Follow directions on the blogger’s site on how to submit your book for review.
  6. Self-published writers please make sure to send reviewers books that are professionally edited. Sending in badly formatted books with numerous typos and grammatical mistakes is a pet peeve for reviewers. It also makes some reviewers not want to review the work of Indie writers.