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I perform poetry, dance, and live performance art events.

Live events! Email for booking information.

Info (at) deedoanes.com

Dee’s Dance Fusion Dance Group performs with African drum group, Emerson Drummers. Marietta Square Art Walk



Live events! The Dance Fusion Dance Group is an interpretative modern dance group. The dance styles performed are a mixture of: modern dance, ballet, African dance, Native American dance, Indian dance, and other global cultural dance styles.


Dance Fusion Dance Group

Dee with dance group members, Mona and Shyla


Dance Fusion Dance Group

Dance Fusion Group at Marietta Square Art Walk

Class Schedule: Classes being moved to Conyers! Stay tuned for details

Class Description:

Great for beginners and advanced dancers. Each class will have a warm up, then I will teach one dance move and the spiritual meaning of it. Or we will practice to a cultural or spiritual theme. The rest of the time will be spent free style dancing and just having fun.
Dance Fusion Dance Group

Dance Fusion Dance Group Performs with Emerson Drummers

Awareness is the theme for the next  two months. Each dance session will be an opportunity for you to work on your mind, spiritual connection, and of course, movements–it’s meditative in a lot of ways.  Your dancing will consist of four phases which are: The Beginning, Crescendo, Reflection, and Stillness. I will go over each phase in class as we dance.
To take a class or book a live event email: info (a) deedoanes.com

Dee Doanes performs the poetry piece, “Free”, live at Ali Doodle sold out event!




The Man With the Green SuitcaseAt Emerging Art Scene Gallery: David Swann’s Neruda Project — Pablo Neruda’s 20 Love Poems Exhibition with Poetry Reading. Special Guest Atlanta Author, Dee Doanes will do Talk and Book Signing for The Man With the Green Suitcase.