Death, Love and Life


Death, Love and Life. This article is by contemporary romance author Rakesh Ranjan. His book, Requiem deals with the topics of death, love and life.

Death, Love and Life

The concepts of Death, Love and Life are fundamental to understand the existence of everyone, to fathom what drives people and to comprehend the way one should choose for a happier and more fulfilling life. I didn’t say ‘happy’ because mere mortals can never be truly happy. But certain improvements in your life may pave the way to a happier existence.

Death has always been a suppressed word. People talk of it in hushed tones and no one wants to think of it. It is logical too, because you cannot avoid the ugly thing. So, why talk about it? But there is a need to understand this inevitable end to everyone’s life. The truth cannot and should not be wished away. And Death is a very strong truth. In Hindu mythology, God reincarnated when the evil had to be defeated. But every such avatar had to meet an end, despite the limitless powers of the God. Even God dies when he takes the form of a human. And similarly in other religions too, Jesus, Budhha and Mahavir died.

Death seems macabre because it’s very difficult to let go, to surrender at the hands of others, everything that you had made with so much toil. But then there’s nothing that can be done to prevent it. The happiest way is to accept it as a fact and try to make the most of the life that you have. That is what the greatest people have done.

Love has been another must in everyone’s life. You owe your life to two people making love and you could survive because there were people who loved you and cared for you. Mother’s love made you what you now are. And then an individual’s search for that someone. Love drives life. A loveless life is a worthless life and that love could be towards anyone. It’s aptly said that love knows no boundaries. It actually should not. Happiness comes from love. More the merrier!

Life, to me, is all about love and death is the way it all ends. A more acceptable way of looking at Death is as a completion of life. Death completes life and love fulfils it. And then there are so many ways of leading life. No single way is the best. It’s all your choice. Because only you know what would make your life satisfying. Nothing lasts forever. Miseries end and so do celebrations.  Keep things in perspective. A wise man used to say that every man should build a graveyard in front of his house. That may sound distasteful but what he meant is very simple. Look at the bigger picture. And when that picture gets large enough, you know you are not there. So, spread love. That is what you can do best. Life will end but Love will allow people to remember you in good light.

Death, Love and Life


Rakesh Ranjan is an MBA from Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon and Edhec Business School, Nice, France. He will soon be starting his job with a top technology consulting firm. He is an engineer and has a pre-MBA work experience of two and a half years. He has stayed in different parts of India and travelled to places in Asia and Europe. He loves travelling and experiencing cultures. His experiences have helped him write. He is a keen observer of human behaviour. His interests are varied and he tries to find meanings in ordinary things. Surprisingly, he is a finance enthusiast and a writer at the same time. He has wanted to write for a long time. The idea of writing a novel came to him in the first year of engineering. And he decided to do it now, after almost eight years. His poem, ‘My Love, My Life’, was very popular in college. He has blogged a bit before and has also written some articles.