Blogging Tips for Fiction Writers


Blogging tips for fiction writers. Fiction writers must write to keep their skills sharp and their creative spirits flowing. One of the best ways to do both of these things is to write a blog. Yet it’s shocking to find just how many fiction writers struggle with it. From what to write about to how to make the most of it, here are a few tips for fiction authors looking to get into blogging.


Blogging Tips for Fiction Writers

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Blogging Tips To Help Writers

Blogging Tips for Fiction Writers









Genre Writing


Fiction writers, stick to what you know. Write about something related to your favorite genre. What you write about is entirely up to you. Mix it up to keep things interesting, and yourself motivated. Sometimes you can write a little piece of flash fiction. Other times you might want to turn into the industry analyst where you comment on the state of your genre.

And you don’t always have to stick to your pure genre. Try to comment on a subgenre every once in a while.

The advantage of writing from a selection of angles is it keeps things fresh for you. Nobody wants to create a new piece of work at the same time each week. You might not feel like it, or you could have stumbled upon a story which has got your blood boiling. Avoid confining yourself and you let your creative heart run free.




When you write your books you conduct research into everything. Not all of this research necessarily goes into your book, and even if it does you can use it. Dig out all your old notes and expand on it. You’ll inadvertently create subject matter for your blog, and you might just find some material for your next book.


Guest Blogging


Try some guest blogging with your characters. Take a favorite character from one of your works and bring them to life in a blog. Allow them to use their voices to speak to your readership. And if you want to add a little twist, you could even have them create blogs in response to each other.

It’s new and it’s creative, and it gives your readership a break from the voice of the writer.

Occasionally, you might want to go back to traditional guest blogging. Invite an author to post something for a week. It generates interest and adds a fresh face to your website. And you can also do one for them, which enhances your exposure.


Invite Your Readers Inside


We live in a world where transparency is the order of the day. Readers want to get closer to you and your work. Short of inviting them into your home for a cup of coffee, the best option is to ask for their opinions. If you’re not sure about one of your pieces of writing, broadcast it online and see what they think.

There’s nothing more honest than the opinion of a stranger who can’t see you. It gives them leave to say what they want without feeling constrained by social etiquette.


Getting to Know You


As already mentioned, readers want to know who you are as a person. Who is the person behind the authorial façade? An ideal way to do this is to speak out on the works of others. It doesn’t necessarily need to revolve around fiction. There’s nothing wrong with going in a new direction and commenting on a social or political issue occasionally.

Your readers might not agree with you, but they’ll relish the chance to communicate with you in another realm of debate.


Tame the Untameable


Fiction writers by nature have wild fits of writing passion and times where the well seems empty. You won’t necessarily always want to write a blog. The key to creating a successful blog is to prize consistency above all things.

Now, as a writer, this is a difficult thing to do. When you’re not at your best, you don’t want to write at all. But you have to. Get into the groove by crafting an editorial schedule where you will make a post. Even if it’s short, anyone reading it will appreciate the effort. It isn’t necessary to write detailed posts you spent hours researching each week.

Just an insight into your life will suffice.

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