Dee Doanes
Dee Doanes
Writer. Artist. Photographer. Creator
I’m an Atlanta based writer, fine art photographer, and co–creator of life.

Writing is my first love, especially poetry. Fine art Photography came about more than four years ago, as an experiment in creativity. Merging the two came naturally.

Welcome to my corner of the Universe, enjoy getting to know me. Feel free to email me, come over and do Agnihotra Ayurveda practice with me, invite me to tea. Oh, yeah and buy my art and book. Or book me for a live poetry or performance art event


Fine art photography, macro nature pictures, character study (narrative) photography, most produced on gallery wrapped canvas, with snippets of poetry. Currently doing macro photography of nature. Nature is my favorite studio.I love doing character studies of people. Natural light is my preference and I don’t normally use Photoshop. Currently working on sketches and paintings too. So expect my photography and art to transform continually.
Dirt and water, making natural paints. Sketching. Maybe a few abstracts with resin paint. I may eventually get into making sculptures, I’m sure it’s fun working with fire!
Various creative spirits.
The Divine Creator-God. Christian poet, Helen Steiner Rice. Edgar Allan Poe. Stephen King. Nature. Spiritual music and chanting by Istvan Sky inspires me to write.
Salvador Dali’. What a lively character he was. Favorite quote of his, “I don’t do drugs, I am drugs.” Leonardo da Vinci. Pure genius, quite the polymath and well ahead of his time.
Helmut Newton and Gordon Parks
Master Sri Charles Davis, Dalai Lama, Oprah, my daughter Q

Dragon Con attending Trekkie. Universal love, New Age, Earth Goddess, health enthusiast, Lover of Life. A tree hugger for sure…but in high heels.

I’m the caretaker of Shanti Atlanta, an Agnihotra Ayurveda and Meditation Retreat

The Creator–God is first, I love to meditate, and encourage people to practice love and forgiveness daily. Love the charisma of Captain Kirk and the logic of Spock.

Love helping people. I am an environmentalist.

Myers Brigg Personality type is: ENFJ —The Teacher. I love to teach! Supposedly not too many people are this personality type. Don’t know what the heck that means.

Studying philosophy and metaphysics, spirituality, Agnihotra Ayurveda practice, science, yoga, vegetarian cooking, exploring hidden spots when traveling the world, eco-building and tiny homes.

Next Big Adventure
Galapagos Islands baby!! To see through the eyes of Darwin and take pictures of unusual animals before they no longer exist.


*My logo and all bio pictures on this page were done by good friend Andreas Boesch