Hi there everyone. Whew…just catching my breath to update you on my adventures. I had a blast two weeks at my friend’s Joe Polish Rich Cleaner Convention.

Joe Polish @ Rich Cleaner Convention

Joe Polish @ Rich Cleaner Convention

His event included: marketing strategies, marketing tips, business coaching, great speakers, a tradeshow, and much more.
Some of the most successful cleaning companies assembled from all over the world to share their marketing tips and stories on how Piranha Marketing (Joe’s company) has made monumental changes in their business and personal lives. BTW, he also advises Internet marketers as well.

RCC guest speakers included: Sean Stephenson, Tony Hsieh from Zappos (damn it you didn’t bring me some shoes), Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, Hugh Downs, Strategic Coach, Garrett Gunderson, and others

I met Joe Polish at the Stompernet Live 8 Convention in Atlanta several months and heard him speak. We even had lunch and he mentored me for an hour. If you have never heard him speak, let me tell you, he is a dynamic speaker, motivator, and a whiz at marketing. He has the energy of a Mexican jumping bean and business smarts out of this world. Too bad I can’t shrink him and keep in my pocket for the days when nothing is going right!

One of his key ideas is to have an ELF business.


I like that idea, I always have fun when I make money! Life is too short to be miserable and wealthy. Be happy, hire clients that value your services, and be creative while making money.

My ELF business
Easy: I create great marketing ideas that make companies money.
Lucrative: I target medium to large companies that have the funds to pay me what I am worth
FUN: I choose projects that I believe in and the company is open to trying new ideas.

What is YOUR ELF Business???

Go to his site for products and services.

My personal tips for Business Success

Money should NOT be your primary motivator when choosing a client.

A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations
Yep, Clint said it best.

For instance, there is no way I can work with a client that micromanages me. I won’t be happy and they won’t get my best efforts.

Honey, You Don’t Listen To me!
Some of you men out there hear this all of the time from your wives. lol. When supplying products and services to a company, understand what they need clearly. The simplest way to do this is with the followings steps. This applies to all businesses.

Marketing Tips:Aware+Care= Happy Client
1. Client consultation. They tell you what they need.
2. Client completes an assessment form to repeat the same information to make sure nothing was left out. You can rephrase the questions so they don’t appear redundant.
3. Pinpoint any future problems and present this to your client.
4. Include a detailed scope of work in your contract.
5. Break your project into multiple phases to stay organized.
6. Send weekly check list that has to be approved by your client before you move to the next phase. This is important! This is crucial to making sure your client gets what they want. This also tracks any changes the client makes.

Up next…stay tuned to my adventures with Sean Stephenson. Will I become a part of The Seantourage???